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Company News
First News

Green Lines of Ukraine Ltd. has its disposal state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals and produces complex universal mixes and food additives using advanced technologies.   
Scrupulous work of our specialists resulted in creation of food additives with no analogs among both food additives of Ukrainian origin and the ones imported to Ukraine.
Those food additives include:
  1. Ultra combi" complex food additives having universal properties;
  2. Baza" complex food additives;
  3. Ultra" complex food additives;
  4. Capsaroma" flavors and flavor mixes containing natural spice extracts and over 10 carrying agents (such as sugar, milk powder, etc.);
  5. Ultra Combi Collagen" collagen softeners that allows to process skin, sinews and crude fat creating emulsions and using them as efficiently as possible in processing
More details about those additives can be found in "Products" section.
When creating complex multifunctional flavor mixes to be used as food additives in meat-processing industry with water-retaining, stabilizing and emulsifying properties, we offer bouquet of spices, both traditional ones for meat industry and relatively uncommon (such as cumin, curry, ginger, etc.) using smoke, beef, pork, vanilla, orange, banana, brandy and other flavors, that will give meat products an exquisite taste and flavor.
In our own laboratory (which is, in fact, small sausage production shop) we create multifunctional mixes and immediately put them into practical use. After that the pilot samples of the products obtained are tasted by highly skilled professionals of the trade.


 We work in close cooperation with meat-processing enterprises and take into account their needs and observations in further development activities.
At present 8 specifications were developed and approved for over 370 sausage types, from the most exquisite recipes of 1960s to new recipes allowing to use raw meat as fully as possible.
Most of our recipes such as:
  • uncooked smoked sausages and uncooked jerked sausages;
  • cooked smoked sausages and semi-smoked sausages;
  • beef, pork, mutton and poultry meat products;
  • cooked sausages, small sausages and square-shaped sausages;
  • blood sausages, liver sausages, pastes and headcheese,
found their application at meat-processing enterprises.
The customers find very convenient wide range of sausages, their recipes and detailed descriptions contained in the production process instructions.
Our production is based on the following concepts:
  • natural and ecologically pure ingredients used in production;
  • use of the food additives giving meat products traditional color, taste and flavor of Ukrainian cuisine; "quality products offered at competitive prices; 
  • product package type and size as convenient for our customers; 
  • comprehensive technical support for putting the product into production.
Multifunctional formulas production process consists of 4 basic stages:
  • quality control for incoming raw materials;
  • feed stock preparation; 
  • mixing of the components; 
  • weighing, packing and marking; 
  • quality control for the finished product.
We, Green Lines of Ukraine Ltd., use in our production spices and raw materials from various countries. Note that suppliers' sources of raw materials undergo preliminary analysis and are checked for reliability and stable quality level. All materials are purchased from certified suppliers only in order to ensure high quality of the raw materials.     

We have our own duly approved physicochemical laboratory which allows us to analyze and identify incoming raw materials using both microbiological and chemical methods including identification of raw materials and pre-delivered samples.    

Mixing and packing are performed using the most advanced equipment. The finished product is analyzed for metal impurities.   

Each product batch undergoes scrupulous analysis for quality conformance at our physicochemical laboratory.

We use bags made of combined multilayer polymeric materials. Those materials have good barrier properties and strength properties and effectively preserve product flavor throughout the shelf life.    

When purchasing food additives produced by Green Lines of Ukraine in their original package you can be sure in their authenticity and quality.
We use well-planned and systematized process for storage of raw materials and release of finished products at our warehouse including the following control procedures:
  • control of shelf life for raw materials;
  • control of storage conditions for raw materials and finished products; 
  • control of finished products release; 
  • claims handling.
We in Green Lines of Ukraine Ltd., produces the goods in conformity with applicable international standards and ISO 9001:2000 provisions. All our products have hygiene examination reports certifying their safety for use in foods production. Our food additives are free from any genetically modified source materials. When consumers choose to buy products of Green Lines of Ukraine they get guaranteed quality and safety.
All our products undergo scrupulous technical checkup at our own technological laboratory.
For convenience of our customers our experimental laboratory allows to create pilot samples of finished meat products in small batches rather than perform necessary adjustments in the course of actual production process.
Highly skilled professionals in our process department create new taste trends and new Our production engineers provide practical help to our customers in order to ensure optimal use of the additives in production, develop and implement advanced technologies and new recipes.

The secrets of our success are:
  • stable quality of our products,
  • highly skilled production engineers,
  • traditionally careful and attentive approach while working with our customers.
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